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Non Solo Fatica (not just fatigue)

Non Solo Fatica (not just fatigue) is a book and compendium on ME in Italian. Its subtitle: from Myalgiac Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Long-COVID. It is expected to be published at the start of next year. We’ll keep you informed.

About the book

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a chronic and disabling condition that often appears after a viral infection. COVID is one of several viruses that can trigger it, and science has already seen that 10-20% of cases of the so-called Long-COVID are nothing more than ME/CFS.

Through 150 questions and as many answers, it explains what this disease consists of, where research is at, what drugs have been tested, and what are the open problems.

A useful vademecum for those who suffer or think they suffer from it and those who are simply interested in learning more about one of the greatest medical challenges of this century. 

About the authors

Prof.Umberto Tirelli  is an oncologist and Italy’s leading expert on ME and CFS. In 1991 he founded the Italian CFS/ME Association.

Giada Da Ros (52) is a journalist and jurisprudence graduate. She has had ME since the age of 20, and has been President of the Italian CFS/ME Association since 1999.

Description on the cover of the book in Italian:

L’Encefalomielite Mialgica / Sindrome da Fatica Cronica (ME/CFS) è una malattia cronica e invalidante che spesso compare dopo un’infezione virale.

Il COVID è uno dei numerosi virus che può innescarla, e la scienza ha già visto che un 10-20% dei casi del cosiddetto Long-COVID altro non sono che ME/CFS.

Attraverso 150 domande e altrettante risposte si spiega in che cosa consiste questa patologia, a che punto è la ricerca, quali sono i farmaci sperimentati e quali sono i problemi aperti.

Un vademecum utile a chi ne soffre o pensa di soffrirne e a chi è semplicemente interessato ad approfondire una delle più grande sfide mediche di questo secolo. 

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